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STADA Health Stories

With Stada Health Stories, the team has developed a storytelling format that takes a journalistic and contemporary approach to different health topics. For Epsiode 4 the brief was to find somebody who is an expert when it comes to food and its nutritional qualities. My job was to research possible protagonist, interview them and then write the voice over …

TikToks for SwissMilk

SwissMilk wanted to promote the web-series “Lifere nid Lafere” on TikTok, using existing material from the youtube videos. We picked out suitable scenes and used TikTok’s own sounds, effects and narration, to make the content more platform native. Year:2021 Agency:TLGG Team:Performance: Daniel TrieglaffArt Director: Rob Dietrich

PostFinance Recruiting/Employer Branding

PostFinance, one of the largest Swiss banks, wanted to develop their scarce candidate pipeline and was looking for more digital expertise. The campaign on social was divided into two phases (Awareness and Consideration): The Awareness phase focused on achieving the highest possible reach. Consideration focused on generating website traffic. Working with a modest budget and …