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HARIBO Print Ads

Every other month HARIBO publishes print ads in the market leading publication “Lebensmittelzeitung”. Here’s a selection of some we did in 2022, lots of color, puns and Frohsinn included. Year:2022 Agency:Jung von Matt SPREE  Team:Creative Direction: Henning Lisson, Christian Woelky, Lisa Yvonne HeimgartnerArt Director: Tom Reed, Eva Hofauer

New(s)comers Best 2020

We took part in a competition for young creative talents, organized by the Bundesverband Digitalpublisher und Zeitungsverleger (BDZV). Our task was to develop an image motif that promotes a discourse between the generations and makes it clear that the great challenges can only be solved by working together. With our approach to this task we …

ILD Magazin

Made For Food is the magazine of the ILD. It is sent to customers in the manufacturing and processing industries and to the marketing departments of packaging manufacturers and large supermarket chains. Year:2019 Agency:Havas Düsseldorf Team:Creative Direction: Karsten BrommenschenkelArt Director: René Strahl

Bosch Finish Endorsement

Bosch and Finish cultivate a long-standing partnership. For the collaborative endorsement campaign, the main focus was to illustrate the expertise of both brands equally. It was my first opportunity to be present at a shoot and experience the process first hand. Animals and Children on set… you know what they say. Year:2019 Agency:Havas Düsseldorf Team:Creative …